Friday Recap (09/16/16)

Minimalism, my new favorite hobby.

To continue the theme of building some type of schedule for my site, I’m going to try something new: every Friday, I’ll do a recap of a variety of things: from that week’s posts, to events and moments in my life that I want to share.

Discussion list for this week:

Energy: There is a combination of reasons that have me feeling like this. I’ve been mentally and emotionally drained lately. A few people would say it’s because of the amount of small groups I’m in, because most of them warned me not to get burned out—but I don’t think that’s the case at all. A lot of big things happened in the past week. Some I’ll write about here. Some I’ll keep private. But overall, I’m exhausted. I could use some rest. And looking at my schedule for this upcoming week, that won’t happen any time soon.

Carol: This week made two years since my grandma passed away. I unintentionally started writing a post for her. Don’t think that was a coincidence. This post is about how she impacted my life, but even this doesn’t do it justice.

Small Groups: I couldn’t make as many small groups this week, due to work and other things scheduled, but I was still able to attend mine, and it turned out great. Here’s a photoblog of it.

Ashley: My friend, Ashley, was this week’s guest post, and she did an amazing job. Her writing is so good, and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Writing: I’m excited about how consistent I’ve been with my writing. I go through phases where it comes easy and then it gets tough. Some seasons it all flows, other seasons I can’t think of anything to write. That’s another reason I prefer not to slow down with everything I’m doing. With each thing I add to my calendar, another writing project arrives. I don’t want to let go of this momentum.

Skiler’s Big Day: One of the big emotional events that happened this week was with my sister, Skiler. I didn’t realize how draining it would be to see her leave. As I walked away from her, unexpectedly, my chest caved in, my heart hurt, I was proud, but I didn’t want my little sister to go. I felt this sense of protectiveness over her. I’ve never been more proud of someone in my life.

iPhone Launch: Today was the iPhone 7 launch. Had to wake up extra early, be at work for 7am, and I have to go back in an hour. This day has been draining, overwhelming, and exciting. I was able to get the iPhone 7, not the Plus like I originally wanted. If we happen to get some in stock within the next two weeks, I’ll exchange this one. Mainly for that dual camera. (Links about iPhone 7: camera shots, both commercials, two quotes)

iOS Apps: The other day I created a huge page for my site (huge in the sense of importance). I’ve always talked about the significance of the apps I use, but never broke it down for my site. Now, I have a page that’s built to be updated frequently.


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