Looking back at this year, it was a quiet one. And peaceful. I had way too many years filled with chaos, so my only goal for 2015 was to simplify the things around me, not dwell on the things I don’t have, and fully embrace and appreciate the blessings I’m surrounded with.

Tons of writing, reflecting, and recording also.

This year was one where I started to accept who I am today, while still setting myself up to grow tomorrow.

I’ve lost people.

I’ve also gained people. People that have always been there, but the relationship wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. Instead of searching for people that I don’t have, I’ve opened my arms and heart to people that have always been right in front of me.

When I look back at 2015, I’ll remember it as the year that I created the runway for my life: from the people around me, to the goals that I’ve set for myself, to the unnecessary baggage that I let go of—it’s the year that prepared me to fly.


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