I’m Nash. I create things.


I’m Nash, the creator of nashp.com and many musical soundtracks. I’ll be your favorite secret artist, who also writes good stories.


Part-time AT&T rep, part-time blogger, part-time basketball player, part-time recording artist. I’ve been writing monthly recaps. (Last updated 04/18/17)


Coffee mugs, shirts, and stickers. A nice variety of goodies for you. Orders are processed once a week.


For a complete breakdown of each project, and for the entire discography, visit the Music page.



Apps have become the foundation to everything I do. Here’s a list of all the ones I use. I’ll keep this list updated, adding new ones that I love, and removing the ones that I don’t. (Last updated 01/11/17)


Computers: iPhone 7 Plus (Black, 128GB), iPad Pro (12.7″, Space Gray, 128GB). Microphone: Blue Yeti Pro. Site Tools: Blot, Hover, Bandcamp, Piano, PayPal, MailChimp, Teespring, Dropbox, Markdown. (Last updated 01/14/17)

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