Anonymous - Message to Kanye West

This is how you break the Internet. Anonymous—the leaderless organization—just released a 7 minute video, directed at Kanye West. It reminded me of the films where the villain interrupts the scheduled broadcast to deliver a threat to the world.

This isn’t something we see in real life, but I hope to see more of it, especially from Anonymous. They have the power to speak to this digital age, in brilliant and innovative ways, just like they did here.

Unlike a lot of people I know, I’m a fan of Mr. West, mainly because of his creative ways to deliver his thoughts. But I agree with Anonymous 100%. It started happening a few years ago, probably when Kanye’s mom passed away: everything changed for him. His humbleness, and his hunger to deliver powerful messages, slipped away—and now, we’re left with scattered rambles and selfish statements filled with only ego.

I just hope that Anonymous struck a nerve in him, to change for the better. Either way though, I absolutely love this video.

[Source: Russell Jones]

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