Apple is trying to turn the iPhone into a DSLR using artificial intelligence

Nick Statt:

For Apple, it sounds a little more basic and a lot more practical. The new iPhone 7′s camera and the dual-camera lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus are powered by software that aims to understand the contents of an image. Once it identifies people and objects and backgrounds, the phone can automatically perform a number of tasks. Those include automatically setting exposure, focus, and white balance.

A more advanced feature, for the iPhone 7 Plus specifically, allows it to blur it out the background in real time with a new Portrait setting. This works because both lenses work together to capture nine layers of depth and create a so-called depth map, a process described by a number of patents Apple was granted in the last year. With Portrait mode, you can get crisp and tight DSLR-style images with the kind of bokeh once reserved for only pro-grade shots. This is all aided by the device’s new f/1.8 aperture setting, which lets in way more light and helps amplify the shallow depth of field.


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