Apple’s New Market

You may only know Apple from the iPhone and the iPad, but slowly, I believe, it’ll be their services, more than anything else, that’ll define Apple. The device won’t matter—especially since almost all of these services will work even with the Apple Watch.

When you’re at home, HomeKit will control your house. On the road, CarPlay takes over your car. Out shopping somewhere, don’t bring a credit card, Apple Pay is your wallet. Siri is your personal assistant, helping you with everything you need throughout the day. And then HealthKit, with all the sensors in our phones and watches, will understand how we sleep, eat, and exercise—all of this information will instantly be given to our family doctor.

These five services will slowly transform the way we live our lives, with brilliant convenience and powerful data that we never have to think about. It’ll just naturally be there for us, and we’ll wonder how we ever lived without them.

Ben Thompson, writing for Stratechery:

They want the iPhone to be an essential part of not just your home but nearly every aspect of your life, and for that the company is building five foundational services:

HomeKit is Apple’s solution to the Internet of Things, and given both the disposable income and strong preferences of Apple customers, I expect Apple to get more traction here than just about anyone else […] Everything in your house, controlled by your iPhone

CarPlay is self-explanatory: Americans especially spend a lot of time commuting, and Apple is attempting to make your iPhone the center of your experience in the car

Apple Pay is for the world at large; most of our interactions outside of the home are predicated on money changing hands, and Apple Pay is seeking to be the default mechanism. I’m bullish on its chances

Siri is for information and everything in the cloud: through your iPhone you can find out the answer to anything, just by asking

Finally, HealthKit is perhaps the most profound, because it is about interacting with and tracking your own body. A service doesn’t get much more sticky than that

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