What I’ve Learned As A Writer

I’ve learned many things since I started writing. I’ve learned that it’s not something you can turn off and on, like a light switch. The more you write, the more it engulfs you, until it becomes an obsession, and every moment in your life is visualized as paragraphs.

Writing has given me integrity. It causes me to be honest with myself, even when no one else is around. It’s also taught me how to embrace loneliness: isolation is the number one ingredient when writing, so rather than being bothered by the silence, I began to look forward to it.

It’s taught me how to trust my instincts, and believe in the words that I’m putting together. It takes a lot of guts to gather a complete thought and ask the world to read it, which has also given me a thick skin. Negative comments could fly in from any direction, so be careful. But if you believe in yourself, those comments start to become barely noticeable. The only thing you begin to hear is the inner voice, telling you to keep going.

I walk into a new project with the confidence of knowing that this isn’t the first story that I’ve created, and it definitely won’t be the last—so have fun, and continue to learn how to climb out of holes, with nothing other than words.

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