Black Mirror — A Twilight Zone” for the Digital Age

Emily Nussbaum, writing for The New Yorker:

Black Mirror” is about love in the time of global corporate hegemony. It’s a bleak fairy tale that doubles as an exposé. An anthology series, it consists of six one-hour episodes spanning two seasons (plus a Christmas special), each with a new story and a different cast. In various future settings, Brooker’s characters gaze into handhelds or at TV-walled cells, using torqued versions of modern devices. […]

In Black Mirror,” the danger is not complacency, or, at least, not that alone: it’s letting your outrage turn into contempt, a pose of transgression that is, in the end, more deadly than any desperation to be loved.

These 6 episodes are on Netflix—and the best way for me to recommend this series to you, is by letting you know that, even though the episodes often take place in a dystopian future, it’s actually more of a reflection of the life we’re currently living. It’ll leave you questioning everything around you, as you see glimpses of yourself through each hour. Black Mirror is as much about you as it is about the destructive world we’re headed towards.

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