True Playoff Bracket - Fallen Heroes

The unfortunate side of the playoffs is that good teams have to go home. The Warriors, Grizzlies, or even the Suns are teams that should still be fighting for the championship. I truly believe that this could all be fixed by removing the conferences, similar to college basketball, where there’s no East vs West. The power rankings would go to the best 16 teams: number 1 would play number 16, number 2 would play number 15, and so on. This is what this year’s playoffs would’ve looked like if this was the case:

True Playoff Bracket

There’s no way to explain how the Wizards and the Nets are continuing on, but Memphis and Golden State are done for the year.

The way the playoffs are setup now, weak teams are catching breaks by not playing their true opponent—they’re getting off the hook. And on the other side of it, good teams are playing teams that they should’ve played further down the road. To sum it up, the conferences are lowering the quality of playoff games we could potential have.

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