Breaking News App

As the world accelerates, you need an edge. The free Breaking News app is an early-alert service trusted by journalists, business travelers and security teams around the globe. Drawing on thousands of sources, Breaking News surfaces verified stories before any other news app. Monitor important topics, and discover when news breaks near your location, wherever you go.

I’ve been using the Breaking News app for about a year now, and though I’ve never mentioned it to anyone, it’s been critical when keeping up with the news. The weird thing is, though, I forget that it’s on my phone. I never open the app, but I get daily notifications about things that I care about. It was only today—when I went to edit some of the things on my Watchlist1—that I realized how big of an impact this app has on my phone.

You create a Watchlist: search for something, and then check off to be notified about it. Very simple. From Apple to the New Orleans Saints, I’m notified the second something happens with that topic. You can also follow trends: look at what’s trending, then tell the app to notify you on all future updates on that trending topic.

This app is hidden in my Tools folder on the last screen, and even though it’s out of sight, it’s there, as a notification, whenever I need it.

  1. I’m writing this because I want to stay updated with more news on Better Call Saul. It’s a TV show that I’ve been keeping an eye on. Not only the show itself, but how the business side of it is going, as well as how others are enjoying it. I opened the Breaking News app to add this to my Watchlist, and that’s when I realized that I need to share with others how useful this app is.

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