Rumors swirling that Brees could be headed to Tampa for top pick

Kyle Thele, writing for Sun Times:

In one of the craziest days in the NFL of recent memory, things may not be done yet. The Saints have already traded one of their biggest stars, sending Jimmy Graham to Seattle, now they may send Drew Brees out of town as well.

This, more than anything ever has in sports, is completely breaking my heart. Drew Brees means more to Louisiana than just football. His arrival to this area has translated to hope. When I think of Brees I think of overcoming adversity. He’s the one that electrified the Dome for almost a decade; he’s the one that—no matter how much the Saints were down by—trusted his talents, and trusted the players around him, to maximize on any glimpse of opportunity. The athlete that comes to mind, to compare Brees to, is watching Michael Jordan as a kid, who willed the Bulls to victories through determination and trust.

It’s hard for me to justify going in a different direction—I’m honestly so biased on Brees that I’d rather the Saints lose with him than win without him. That’s why I’m not Mickey Loomis. I couldn’t be a GM: I’d make decisions based off of emotion instead of strategy. I wouldn’t notice an aging and declining quarterback. I wouldn’t capitalize on the opportunity to rebuild swiftly. It would hurt too bad to even consider, no matter how logical it seems.

The move would be sudden but in a sense somewhat logical. The Saints would have a huge head start on their rebuilding, likely taking Jameis Winston first overall. Winston would have the opportunity to work with one of the best offensive minds in the NFL with Sean Payton and at a significantly lower cost than Brees.


Mike Triplett, writing for ESPN:

According to multiple reports and sources, the Saints appear willing to trade just about everyone on their roster this offseason. As one source told ESPNs Jeremy Fowler, the Saints appear to be shopping everyone but quarterback Drew Brees and receiver Brandin Cooks.

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