Malibu/DSLR - New Tools, New Stories


I have a new car and a new camera for the weekend. They’re both loaners that I unintentionally stumbled upon.

The brand new champagne silver Malibu with a full tank of gas was handed to me while my Malibu is getting some cosmetic repairs.

The very expensive DLSR camera, with even more expensive lenses, was presented to me by a friend—who purchased it, but hasn’t put it to use yet. He seemed interested in what I could capture with it. He knows how much I create (even though I’ve never used one of these before. My skills are with the iPhone camera, so this is a huge jump in quality).

I shall challenge myself to find a story with these new tools I’ve borrowed. I have both, the car and the camera, until Monday. It’s time to go to work.

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