Remembering Carol

There’s a blue blanket that covers the entire casket. It lays on top of her as she begins to rest. On that blanket, there’s pictures of all the people she’s impacted throughout her years.

There’s also a memorial video that I made. It’s only 11 minutes long, but as you watch it, you can easily see that she lived a beautiful life.

The best way to remember her is to look at her family. There are so many of us, all with different personalities and agendas. It’s because of her that we’re all here, and it’s because of her that we were raised to love. Her compassion and genuine happiness will always echo through our hearts.

how my grandma impacted my life

Written September 2016

Monday (September 12th) makes two years since my grandmother passed away. I didn’t realize this last night when commenting on a Facebook post. A friend mentioned her, and then I replied saying that she impacted my life every way imaginable. When I woke up this morning, I started thinking, exactly how did she impact my life? What made her so special to me? The more I started thinking about these questions, the more memories started coming back to me. And that’s when it hit me, and that’s when I realized that I was two days away from the anniversary of her death. I miss her so much.

Time: All of my years growing up were measured in time by her visits. She lived in Arkansas, and while most kids spend their years planning for Christmas to hurry up and get here, my years were measured by when Maw Maw Carol would be in town. Even as a kid, there was this void in my life until she returned again.

Photography: She’s the reason I love photography so much. She couldn’t afford much, but there isn’t a moment in my life (that I can recall) where she didn’t have her camera/camcorder with her. She treasured that gadget more than anything. The same way we carry our smartphones with us and use it constantly, that’s the way she carried her camera/camcorder. She was always ready to record that next memory to take back to Arkansas with her. She always understood the importance of capturing a moment.

Music: My music. She was my biggest fan. So much so that for the last decade she stopped calling me Jr and instead started calling me nashp. I kept her in mind at all times when writing and recording. I knew she was always listening, so I didn’t want to let her down. Also, I kept my manners and remained respectful as I made music, as if she was in the room with me.

Happiness: She was the happiest person I knew. She was always smiling, always laughing, and always seeing the best in people. The world needs more people like her. People that can remain positive and hopeful through it all.

Family: She was the foundation for our family. Family members that haven’t seen each other in awhile came together when she was around. Exes that are no longer with the family would stop by and visit just because she was in town. If you knew her, you looked forward to spending time with her. She made you a better person.

September 19, 2014



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