Cassie’s Words (and the story of helping someone become better)

My friend, Cassie Guillot, just sent me two paragraphs of her writing. I didn’t know she could write, but I follow her on Instagram. All of her photos have some sort of emotion built into them that leave me wanting to jump in and share that moment with them. So I assumed that she could write words the same way she takes photos. I kept convincing her to give it a try, and luckily, I woke up to these two:


I see my troubles dance with the steam above my head dissipating into the light. I taste the saltiness of my regrets gather on my upper lip, sweating out my sins. I hear the distant voices in my head causing clumps of stress to tangle in my fingers while I run conditioner through my hair. I taste the remnants of my soul leave my body as I lay in awe, lifeless in a pool of scolding water. I feel nothing. I am cleansed for another day.

On social media causing us to live through others:

I feel like our social media platforms always depict us to be the best versions of ourselves. I know I often compare my life to others based off of what I see from their Instagrams and what not, but we are all pursuing a life better than what we are living. So really we must only compare ourselves to ourselves, only because then, maybe we wouldn’t get so discouraged.

If you know someone that has the potential to do something great, usually, they forgot about their gift, or they don’t realize their gift. Push them. Tell them that you see them. Tell them to do something cool, because you’re watching and you really need it. Help them become a better version of themselves.

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