Clippers vs Warriors, Tonight on ESPN

Tonight is a big game against the Warriors. It’s the first time the two teams play this year. The Warriors are 18-3, and the Clippers are 16-6. A little over a week ago, we were the best team in the league, getting off to the best start in Clipper history. Since then though, we’ve come back down to Earth, while the Warriors are starting to fire on all cylinders (two nights ago, Klay Thompson scored 60 points in only 29 minutes).

We’re only 22 games into the season, so this game is nothing more than a measuring stick for where each team is currently at, and no matter who wins, it doesn’t determine anything going forward—that’s the tricky thing about NBA regular season games—but these teams hate each other, and anytime they go head-to-head, it’s sure to be pure entertainment.

And as always, I like our chances.


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