Clippers dominate Spurs in Game 1, 107-92

Steve Perrin:

I keep coming back to one thing in this matchup — the Spurs have shown no ability to stop the Clippers’ offense. In the last three regular season games and now in Game 1, the Clippers are getting great looks whenever they want them. That bodes very, very well for the series.

Everything played out as I expected: Jordan’s presence on the defense end caused a very low shooting percentage from the Spurs, Paul was aggressive in all areas on the floor, and yet still got all of his points without forcing anything. It all happened in the flow of the offense. Blake picked the defense apart, depending on who was guarding him. Smaller player on him, he used his strength. Bigger player on him, used his speed.

Our bench held up well, other than when Hawes came into the game. Doc quickly decided to shorten the rotation afterwards. An 8-man rotation will be the key to our playoff success. Jamal Crawford, Big Baby, Austin Rivers.

This series is far from over, but it was nice to see the Clippers dominate Game 1. The Spurs didn’t have an answer for us on either end of the floor. I just hope that carries over to Game 2 Wednesday night.

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