Why Chris Paul should be the MVP

Drew Garrison, writing for SB Nation:

Chris Paul for Most Valuable Player? SB Nation’s Tom Ziller made a convincing case. Paul seems like a dark horse candidate at best, but the numbers are hard to ignore.

This won’t happen. Even with all the stats and cases being made here. But I’m used to him getting overlooked. The coaches, the players guarding him, and the player he’s guarding, don’t overlook him though. He’s a nightmare to game plan for.

Tom Ziller:

The Clipper guard hasn’t received as much attention, but he has the best MVP argument.

My case for CP3 is brief and clear. While CP3 scores just 18 points per game on efficient shooting, he creates 23.4 points per game by assist — some four points more than Westbrook, five points more than Curry and LeBron and six points more than Harden. If you add the points scored and points created by assist, he’s right in the mix with those four. The only one much higher than CP3′s 41 points created and scored per game is Westbrook, who is by far the least efficient scorer of the group.

CP3 also commits far fewer turnovers than the others — just about two full turnovers fewer than both Westbrook and LeBron, 1.5 fewer than Harden and 0.7 fewer than Curry. Turnovers take points off the board. CP3′s ability to avoid giveaways despite producing a huge number of points has helped L.A. tie Golden State for the No. 1 offense in the NBA. Considering his efficiency and huge production with the pass and the shot, there’s a case he’s been the best offensive player in the league.

He also happens to be the best individual defender of any of the other MVP candidates right now. Best offensive player in the league and a better defender than any other MVP candidate — that’s a hell of an MVP case.

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