Droog: Your Old Friend’

There’s a mystery circulating around the web. If the story is true, Nas is shaking things up a bit, and quietly releasing music under the name Your Old Droog, which means Your Old Friend” in Russian.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I spent the hours before the sun came up researching this bizarre story. I’ll let you know now that it’s already been debunked as a Brooklyn kid that can imitate Nas almost flawlessly. But as I continued to do research, the people that debunked this rumor was not Nas, and this Brooklyn kid that people were speaking of, has no previous history. It’s as if that person was created to cover up the big secret.

This isn’t something new when it comes to Novelist. Stephen King used the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

I listened to each song from Your Old Droog. The vocals have been altered, slowed down and distorted to remove the obvious comparison of Nas. But whether I played the publicly released songs, or the sped up versions that landed on Reddit—there’s no mistaking that cadence, delivery, and intelligent wordplay.

Unless I’m crazy, this is Nas. (Update: It’s not Nas.)

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