Alvaro Serrano, writing for Tools and Toys (he also did the photography):

The GR Echo is one of the most remarkable daypacks out there. It really can do almost everything, from the daily commute to the 10K run and if you’re into packing light, it can even make for a great weekend bag. With its discreet appearance and no-nonsense design you’ll never look out of place, and its super-resistant materials and top-notch build quality mean you can just go about your business without having a second thought about your gear.

That winning combination of form and function is shared by all of the GORUCK bags, which is why they’re some of the best bags money can buy. If you’re in need of a rugged daypack or just want a quality bag that will last you a lifetime, you really can’t go wrong with the GR Echo.

I wrote about the Echo in an earlier post:

I own the Echo, which is very similar, just a lot smaller. Before buying the Echo, I wasted money on so many bags that I was never really satisfied with. It’s been about 5 years now since that purchase, and I haven’t considered another bag since—and I doubt I ever will. Sure, it costed more than most bags, but it’s the coolest, most durable bag I’ve ever seen, and it has just the amount of compartments that I need. Highly recommend.

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