Facebook, Stop Spamming Me!

It happens every day. Facebook, and those that you’re connected to on Facebook, are collectively spamming your life.

Someone invites you to play a game with them. Someone just released a new song and tags 60 random people to listen to it. It’s someone’s birthday, so Facebook notifies all of their friends: Attention! Quickly flood your friend’s wall with birthday wishes!’ Someone is performing soon and wants you to attend. Someone’s throwing a party and guess what? You’re invited. Someone just tagged you in a picture . . . and you’re not even in the picture.

Imagine your phone as your house, and imagine these Facebook notifications as your front door. Now imagine all of these alerts being the actual person, randomly knocking at your door, asking you to play Candy Crush with them. You politely decline, of course. You say goodbye, lay down to relax, and as soon as you get comfortable, the doorbell rings. Someone else is outside: you can’t remember their name, but their face looks familiar. They’re wondering if you’d like to look at a video they just recorded. They knocked, at your door, to show you a video. You can see how weird that would get.

If you post something for people to see, they’ll see it on their newsfeed. That’s the beauty of the newsfeed: the people you care to keep up with are all bunched together in one area. But tagging someone into your game, or whatever the hell it is you’re posting, just so they can see it? Well, that’s rude and intrusive. Don’t be rude and intrusive.

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