My Introduction to Kevin Gates

I know this will sound weird, but I’ve been enjoying Kevin Gates lately. His music, though I can’t relate to anything he’s talking about, has the hunger and passion that’s needed when creating art.

I’ve even used his style on a new club song that’ll be released very soon. I thought it’d be interesting for me to have that aggression on a song.

I don’t look for this kind of music, so it’s rare that I actually hear enough of it to ever enjoy it. I can remember three different times when his name was brought up to me:

Here’s the Satellites video for it if you haven’t heard it.

Other notes:

Here’s Posed To Be In Love (video), from the By Any Means album.

I’m interested in seeing his progress over time. It’d be easy for me to overlook him because of his street style, but that would be a mistake from me. I see talent. I just hope he starts to evolve into an artist with more substance, because I see the potential for him to have a bigger impact on the art form that is hip-hop.

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