What a good day feels like

A personal journal entry, exploring what caused me to have a good day.

Yesterday was my favorite day of 2015. I didn’t do anything particularly special though. I woke up, and I lived. I didn’t overthink. I didn’t stare at my phone. For whatever reason, the world opened up for me, and for about 12 hours, life became easy again—and I made sure to soak in every second of it.

It’s now 1:20 am, and I’m finally home and laying down. I never really do this, but I’d like to document what happened today. Partly to reflect, and partly to find the formula that created this emotional high that’s been with me since I started my day. 1

The one thing that kept replaying in my head was, Time. Time always finds a way to heal the wounded. I’m not sure if this is me turning the corner on the hard times I recently went through (I sure hope so), or if this is just one good day in the middle of an ongoing troubled year. Either way, I appreciate being able to breath again.

  1. Got dressed. Dropped car off to get fixed. Drove off in a Malibu that Chevy loaned me for the day. La Grange, by ZZ Top was playing on the radio. I turned the volume up and kept it on that classic oldies station for over an hour. Ate lunch at a nice restaurant (Chicken Alfredo). Read during my meal. Went to my 1:30 dentist appointment. Stopped at the mall to look around and kill some time. Wound up seeing a bunch of old friends that I talked to for about an hour. It was great to catch up with them. Saw my ex pass by (for some reason, even though we didn’t speak or even acknowledge each other, this improved my day). My friend invited me to run errands with her, we shopped and had good conversations. I then went meet up with my friend Chase. We talked about life for over an hour. The friend that I ran errands with invited me over for dinner. I ate corn for the first time (weird I know; very picky eater). We watched a movie together and brainstormed/researched the price of going on a cruise, something I still haven’t done before. After the movie, I came back home to write and catch up on the news that I’ve missed today (Apple is holding an event on March 9th to announce the Apple Watch!). Also had a bunch of messages that I finally got around to answering (wasn’t on my phone much throughout the day—which could probably explain why the day was so good), and it looks like I’ll have another busy day on my hands when I wake up, filled with invites to a variety of things.

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