Brayden — the Love of a Brother


As tough and uncertain times surround me, there’s one thing that’s been consistent: my little brother, Brayden. For the past few months, my schedule has looked something like this: work, gym, church, pickup Brayden. It’s been that simple.


There’s a bond I’ve created with him. He leans on me, and even though he doesn’t realize it yet at the age of four, I lean on him even more. He’s like that best friend that you can vent to, or instead, not say anything to. His presence is the only comfort I need to make it through the day.


Even in the darkest hours, he keeps my spirit higher than I could ever reach without him.

Nash, you wanna play hide and seek with me? Or Nash, help me beat this mission. Or Nash, I died…it’s your turn.

It’s those simple sentences from him that snap me out of my thoughts, bringing me back into the moment with him, where whatever I’m thinking about fades away, and it’s just me and my brother, enjoying quality time together.

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