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Thank you for your support. Your contribution is the green light that I’m always searching for, telling me to keep going.

What you’ll find here is my most personal creations. Some things will be too outdated to keep public, others will be unfinished and aren’t ready to release just yet. But you’re a member. That means you believe in it all. And that means I’d like to share it with you.


How To Be Human: a 30-year survival guide.


Discography: this link is a time machine, dating all the way back to 2004, and has every project I’ve released since then. It’s weird seeing the evolution of an artist, but it’s even weirder being that artist. Older recordings make me cringe, but I understand that it’s all a process. I had to create those to be able to create these.


Life - a memoir: this won’t be the final title, and I don’t know which words will be there when the book is final—but this is the core of my story. And one day, I’ll be finished with it.

Trapped - a story about a girl: another story that I’ve written recently is an affair that I found myself in. I write about the beautiful beginning, the messy middle, and the ugly ending. This is another story that could one day become something more.

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