A Weekend with the Family

I spent the weekend with my family. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I’ll take this moment to reflect on the little moments we had together.


Friday, I checked Brayden out of school and took him to get a checkup at the doctor. He ended up getting 4 shots, which were obviously taken after this picture. He was a trooper and didn’t cry, but he was annoyed with the world afterwards.




Saturday, the kids helped me wash my car. They were originally swimming, but saw me pass by. They asked what I was doing, I told them that I was about to wash my car, I went inside to get the soap, and by the time I went back outside, they were out of the pool and prepping the car wash. I guess this was more exciting than swimming. I didn’t complain.




Sunday, I took the kids to church. It was Cross Church’s first day in the new building. After, we went back to Mom’s, where barbecue was being cooked. We all enjoyed each other’s company. It was nothing fancy—just pure quality time, which is always the best.

Cross Church

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