My Thoughts On Durant Going To The Warriors

Is Durant not smart for choosing to go the Warriors? Everything about them (marketing for Nike, location to live in, a chance to win multiple titles, etc.) makes sense if you’re Durant.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the first time ever that a team can have four max contracts (whoever your favorite player is now would love to be in the situation that these four players are in).

It takes a lot to win in this league. As good as the Cavs are, they were down 3-1 and could’ve easily went home without a ring. As dominant as the Warriors were, they went home without a ring. As good as the Spurs were, they didn’t get close to winning. Same for the Thunder, up 3-1 in the Conference Finals and still didn’t go home with the ring. My point is, all of these elite players’ legacies are on the line, in a time where it’s harder than ever to even get to the finals, much less win the title.

It’s easy to shout from the sidelines on social networks about what a superstar should do with his career, all while another year passes them by. But at least we’d respect them for being loyal, right?

Kevin Durant

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