Mortal Engines (Teaser Trailer)

The trailer played before the new Star Wars. Now I’m reading the book.

The Power of Kendrick Lamar’s Damn.’ From Back to Front

Lindsay Zoladz:

The deluxe edition of King Kendrick’s 2017 album has a lot to teach us, even in reverse.

Either listen to the deluxe that was just released, or find a playlist on your favorite streaming service, and listen to the album backwards. The theory since it was released, and the confirmation from the deluxe in reverse order, is that it was always two albums, but not two discs. The second album is the first album in reverse.

It’s almost like a progress bar: Toggle it one way and he overcomes temptation and contemplates the lessons of family. Toggle the other way and he forgets and is shot down in the street. Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? You decide.

The Most 2017 Photos Ever

Alan Taylor:

Not necessarily the top photos of the year, nor the most heart-wrenching or emotional images, but a collection of photographs that are just so 2017. From Barron Trump with a fidget spinner to the Great American Eclipse, from Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer to Lord Buckethead in the UK, from the toppling of Confederate statues to the toppling of many men in power who stand accused of sexual misconduct, and much more. This is 2017.

Source: Kottke

A Fantastic Film About Letting Go

The Incomparable - An Old Sock Full of Diamonds (The Last Jedi)

Grab a porg, put on your matching necklaces, and get out your ancient Jedi texts—it’s time to discuss The Last Jedi,” episode VIII of the Star Wars” saga. (And if we missed something, please understand that we’ve only seen it once so far!)

Over two hours of discussing the new Star Wars, by some of my favorite podcasters. Perfect complement to listen to after watching the movie.


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