Please Learn to Write

Michael Lopp, writing for Rands in Repose:

The articles on Rands keep getting longer and longer, and as I’m finishing a piece, I worry, Is it too long?” I worry about this because we live in a lovely world of 140-character quips and status updates, and I fret about whether I’ll be able to hold your attention, which is precisely the wrong thing to worry about. What I should be worried about is, Have I written something worthy of your attention?”

Writing is the connective tissue that creates understanding. We, as social creatures, often better perform rituals to form understanding one on one, but good writing enables us to understand each other at scale.

It started a few years ago, when I really started taking writing serious, and It’s been gathering momentum ever since. Now I can happily say that I don’t go a day without at least thinking about writing. Some days I find the words to say, some days the page stays empty. But the thought of writing is always right there in mind.

I approach everything in life now as a potential paragraph. It’s changed the way I think: it helps me think sharper and process a moment as a complete thought. It also allows me to find the subtle moments in the day, as I’m searching for words that could be waiting for me behind any corner.

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