Rest In Peace, Randal

I lost my friend, Randal, to cancer a few days ago. He was a fighter, and from the moment he was diagnosed—until the very end—he didn’t take a day for granted. I remember him telling me, Nash, this has been the best year of my life.” He refused to let the world see his sickness. He just wanted to be one of us, and he accomplished that and so much more. The cancer didn’t disappear, we knew it was still there, but we were in awe of how he defied it.

The term #RandalStrong will always hold value in my life: from the unexpected bad news, to his resistance to defeat, and to the speed he was able to create thriving relationships. Randal is an inspiration to so many, and he’ll be incredibly missed.

Randal Strong

I’m selling #RandalStrong shirts that’ll help his family with all of their upcoming expenses. If you’d like to help this mission, there’s adult, kid, and toddler sizes.

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