Another Me (Rico’s Story)

My friend Rico came over yesterday to show me the video he’s been working on. He wanted to see if any of my songs would sound good on it (he had Red Hot Chili Peppers on the video as a placeholder the first time I watched it). After trying a few songs, we ultimately decided to create a brand new one—which couldn’t have been a better decision. I never know what will happen when I start a new project. I always hope for the best, but I never know.

We started working on the song around 6 PM, and was finished with it around 4 AM. The challenge for me was to write about his story, rather than mine. But I wanted to find a way to merge both stories together, making them relatable to the rest of the world—all while keeping the visuals to his video as the top priority.

Rico’s brother, Mark, called him to see what he was up to. Rico told him that we were recording. Mark wanted to come over, which was great, especially since he brought pizza. That’s when the song took a turn for the best. Having another mind around to help the process was refreshing. That’s when I asked Mark if he wanted to sing on the song; everything fell into place from there. Once the hook was finally created, my verses were much easier to knock out.

So here’s the song I made, mixed with the video Rico made. The music took me roughly 10 hours to create, while that video took months of recording and editing from him. I’ve never created a song for a video before (It’s usually the other way around). I appreciate Rico for giving me this opportunity: this was a new experience for me, and I couldn’t be more excited about how everything turned out.

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