The Blame Game

Steve Perrin on Game 5:

Doc Rivers said the Clippers were robbed, and he’s right. The out of bounds call was demonstrably incorrect, and several other calls were dubious. And the explanations offered so far are insultingly insufficient.

I hate blaming any game on a referee. If a team loses, usually, it’s because the other team played harder and deserved the win. The Clippers had the game wrapped up, but they stopped playing with three minutes left, milking the clock, as the Thunder rallied back.

During the last handful of possessions, Chris Paul and the Clippers did everything they could to lose the game, so they surely didn’t need any help from the refs. A great NBA Playoff game doesn’t need to be decided by anyone other than the athletes, but with as many talented players on the court last night, the true dominance came from the guys with the whistles.

Here’s the closing statement by Perrin:

There’s a reason that twitter exploded over these calls and that everyone — not just Clipper fans — is incensed by the events of the final 15 seconds of Game 5. This is certainly the most obviously botched officiating job in the playoffs since Lakers-Kings in 2002. And in this case, the officials really have nowhere to hide. Everyone knows they blew it.

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