Share Your Story

5 weeks ago, I started a weekly guest post series on my website. It’s been a huge success. What I love most about the ones I have so far is the variety. Each one is completely different from the next.

Here’s the 5 I have so far:

  1. John LeBeouf
  2. Devin Wright
  3. Gilbert Marcel
  4. Ashley Samanie
  5. Rocky Angelette

Now I need yours. I have a dozen people working on one right now, and a few that are either done or almost done. You don’t have to be a writer or be creative to share a story. These guest post have one job: give a voice to the voiceless.

Talk about your favorite team or your favorite movie. Write about your new eating or workout habits. Share a few of your favorite pictures you’ve taken about a specific moment. Your story matters: big or small, long or short.

Someone told me they’re not worthy of telling their story. Another person told me nobody cares about that topic. I disagree with both statements. If not us, then who? And who will be able to tell it from our perspective? Our story is our own. It’s what sets us apart from the person next to us. It’s what makes us special.

If you have something you’d like to share, no matter how small, I’ll help you polish it up and present it to the world. It might feel like an overwhelming task, but I hope to show you how easy it actually is.

My goal is to have very successful writers and creators sitting next to people you might’ve overlooked otherwise, and it’ll be hard to tell the difference, because each one just shared a story.

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