Super Suds: reflecting during an oil change’

I’m writing this while waiting for my oil to be changed (Super Suds: they said it’ll take 45 minutes. That’s enough time for me to write, I guess), so I can travel 12 hours to Harrison, Arkansas, for my Grandmother’s funeral. This feels like a good time to gather my thoughts, update my site, and prepare for the future.

If I’m ever distant from my website, that only means one thing: I’m growing. I’ve been learning new things in life—and now, I’m finally in a place that is refreshing. July and August were transition months for me (left one job and started another one, the new one fits my lifestyle a lot more, which is exciting).

In the past few months, other than the job transition, I’ve made tremendous progress on my novel (I’ll be needing an editor soon, if you know any), I’ve shot music-videos, recorded more songs for the new album, djed an event at a local bar, and so much more. During those two months of switching jobs, I had so much time for my site, which is why a new post was coming out almost daily. It feels good to know that, if time permits, I can write at a tremendous speed and deliver weekly content. Maybe that time will come again one day, but not right now. Now I must take advantage of a good job that was offered to me. But that’s the beauty of writing, it’s timeless and can be done at any moment in life.

Alex Myers:

Writing is not like modeling or tennis; it’s not something where — if you missed it by age 20 — you’re too late. It’s never too late.

I’ve built this site to allow my thoughts to arrive at any moment. It’s not required for me to write constant. If I do, I do. If I don’t, well … It’ll come. I’ve learned not to force my writing or my music. If it begins to feel forced, stop. Enjoy life. Let life happen, and inspiration will soon catch up. If you see someone that doesn’t appear genuine (they seem to be forcing their art, or they might appear corny), well… they probably didn’t learn this lesson yet.

After getting my oil changed, I have to go finish a video eulogy, and then attempt to write a eulogy speech for the funeral. Once again, if it feels forced, and the words just don’t feel right, there may not even be a speech from me. My grandma loved my writing. She respected my art, and I know she’d agree on this decision.

I also have to pack for the trip (I’ve been washing clothes for the past two days). I have to save a bunch of albums to my phone (music to listen to on the long trip), as well as a few movies to fall asleep to during my nights there (thank you Plex). And maybe, if I have any free time before getting on the road, I’d like to play a game of Madden with the Saints (preferably against the Falcons and Browns).

Friday morning, I’ll be up before the sun to get the iPhone 6 Plus. Anyone that looks forward to a new phone every year, I highly recommend switching your contract to Next. Friday morning, I’ll walk into the store, hand them my old phone, they’ll give me the brand new phone, and I don’t even have to pay for it, only taxes (AT&T takes the total cost of the phone out of my next 12 phone bills).

2014 grey Malibu!”

The lady at the counter just annoyingly informed me that my car is ready.

Until next time …

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