The Ringer: Pinpointing When Jay Z Fell Off

Justin Charity:

It’s tough to pinpoint when, or even whether, Jay Z fell off. Some would say he lost all his bricks in 2006, the year of Kingdom Come, an album so ill-advised that Hov admits it’s the barrel bottom of his discography. Or you could argue that Jay Z fell off in 2009, when he released Death of Autotune,” a reactionary single that’s aged rather poorly, along with the rest of The Blueprint 3. Or maybe it was in 2013, when Jay Z released the 16-track Samsung advertisement known as Magna Carta … Holy Grail. Let’s at least agree that the release of Magna Carta in 2013 is when Jay Z became massively uncool, like U2. And then he bought a streaming service.

I agree with this paragraph more than I expected to.

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