The Things You Love

If you enjoy dancing. Dance like nobody’s watching you. Enjoy singing? Even if you’re horrible, kill those songs on the radio! Be the best Call of Duty player in your apartment complex. Like painting? The world is your canvas. How about flowers? Be the best florist this world has ever seen. Or suck at it. Whichever happens. But at least you enjoy it.

Cooking? This world needs more delicious food. Keep up the great work! If you’re a teacher. These kids need you: your humor, your guidance, and your wisdom … keep feeding their minds! Fishing? My brother loves fishing, I’m sure you do too. Spend less time dealing with the crap in the world, and make more time to fish.

How about writing? That’s where I come in. Write the shit out of those words. Whatever it is you do, man, love it! Be excited about it! Enjoy the process, because that’s all that matters—not the outcome of it all—it’s the process that we’ll remember 10 years from now.

The things you love, please … find more time to do them.

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