My Thoughts On Kanye’s Album

Kanye is self-imploding. That’s what comes to mind when I hear the album, and when I see his marketing that led up to its release.

His ego has always been there, but now it’s a mixture of an ego, combined with being vulnerable and things falling apart around him.

The album was brilliant from production, concepts, hooks, etc. The ironic/sad thing about the Kanye album is that the album appears perfect, and then Kanye opens his mouth, and my entire perception of the song changes.

He’s never been a lyricist, but he’s witty and clever and has catchy one liners. But on this album, there’s lines that I cringe at. The lines appear forced, obnoxious, and corny. It’s a handful of lines that ruin the entire song for me.

As much as I love the album, the parts of the album I hate, outweigh the parts I enjoy.

Kanye West

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