Once upon time, there was a girl named Fragile. She was a beautiful girl, but she wasn’t sure. So, on those uncertain days, she would take pictures of herself for the world to approve. Some days, everyone would cheer and scream and remind her how pretty she was. But other days, there was nothing. She would hear crickets, and sometimes the crickets would even laugh at the embarrassed girl. And anytime the crickets laughed, that was considered a bad day.

Every Wednesday, she would wake up early, put on her makeup and then stare at the phone. No matter how long it took, she waited. After an hour of silence, there it was. The kitchen table vibrated from the alert on the screen, the phone lit up with excitement, and she glimpsed at it with a confident smile. Across the screen it read #WCW, the code that reminded her the one thing she needed to hear: she mattered. Woman Crush Wednesday. Only the important girls got these, and she knew that without a doubt that she was important. She had to be. If her name wasn’t attached to a #WCW, did she really exist?

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