The Writeous Ones Small Group: Week 1

My friend Rocky is leading a small group called The Writeous Ones. It’s full of writing exercises with like-minded people. Tonight was the first meeting. I’m excited to be a part of it, and I look forward to him challenging me through this semester.

The first assignment was a found poem. I had these instructions to follow:

Find two ads in a newspaper. Create a poem only using words from the two adds.

So for lunch today, I went grab a newspaper. I might’ve only needed a physical newspaper a handful of times in my life. This newspaper only had two ads in the entire paper. Maybe I grabbed the wrong one? I made a list of all the important words on these two ads, skipped over anything in fine print or the paragraphs inside the ad. I felt like I needed rules around this challenge. What you’re seeing here is both ads and then what I came up with. Nothing major, but a fun exercise to get me thinking.

Mixing Up Metaphors

For my second assignment, I had to come up with my own versions of popular sayings. I find all of these cringe worthy, and kind of embarrassing, but that’s the point, I guess. Here’s the results:

Next Week’s Assignment

Dear Younger Me: Write a letter to yourself in the past. 500 words.

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