I’ve been really enjoying work lately. Time has been moving faster than usual, and I’ve been hitting sales goals easier than usual. It could be because I’m working at a new location, with new coworkers and customers, but I hope it’s more. I hope I’ve hit my stride and can maintain this even after this new location isn’t new anymore.

RTIC Tumbler

Twice now, with hot coffee inside, I’ve tried opening one to add more coffee to it, and because the lid is so tight, I spilled coffee everywhere. I love how sealed this cup is, but it’s obviously working too good, or I just need to learn how to open it. Either way, hot coffee spills suck.


Noise. That’s all it is. It’s a simplified name for many things, but in order to keep it vague, it’s just noise. The question is, how do I lower that volume. As I get older, that’s the common theme in my life, even more than the one I thought I wanted to be known for. Instead of remembering me for Creating things”, If I can get ever get it right, when it’s all said and done, I want people to look back and say, Through it all, he still figured it out. He cracked the code. He muted that noise.”


Tomorrow’s a big day for me. It’s payday for the commission check I’ve been working towards and focusing on (keep my head down and sale, and work extra hours, and it’ll pay off). When moving to my new location, I knew there would be challenges to overcome by relocating. I knew that the first two months would have costs that aren’t usually budgeted into my month. When making the decision to move, I knew that once the bills stabilized and didn’t have extra charges, deposits, etc. — then I’d actually come out saving money compared to my previous location. Tomorrow just brings balance to the Force again.

I’m Nash. I create things.