We Are The Energy (Monday Coffee: June 27th, 2022)

Monday Manifesto

We are the energy. Capturing the moments in-between the moments. Building a group of outsiders that see the world different. Rebels living life on the same wave length. Together, we understand something: This day is up to us. This life is up to us. We can either go through the motions, or we can create the motions.

Leveling Up

This is the first video I made with this new Sony camera. This is also the first time I used Final Cut Pro. Now I don’t think I could ever go back to the other way of making videos.

Workflow Problems

From making this video, to running out of storage on the MacBook Air, the ugly side of this new photography business, is the admin side. The management of all these RAW and 4K files. I had the best devices for writing, but writing doesn’t deal with large files. It’s been an interesting challenge to squeeze into every ounce of space on these computers. I’m now brainstorming on what Macs or workflows to use to fix these problems going forward.


While making that Leveling Up video, I stumbled on a song, and then the artist of the song that I ended up using. MILKK. The song used is called Dasani Water, but there’s other songs that I love on that album, that I might end up using.

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