Space Between Time (Morning Coffee: August 8th, 2022)

Rose wearing her rain jacket for the first time.

Good morning. Just arrived at Downtown Jeaux with Rose. She’ll be my sidekick as I write out the newsletter. Let’s begin.

The Box

Space Between Time

Something I learned years ago: When planning out your day, don’t bounce around from one thing to the next without space. Instead, give yourself extra buffer time between each event or task.

If you have to be somewhere at noon, leave at eleven, or ten. Give yourself enough time to not rush, and to do smaller things that are similar or nearby. Most importantly, give yourself the mental space and clarity to not be overwhelmed as you transition to the next moment.

We can call this rounding out the day. In designer terms, you’re taking away the harsh lines. Do this for everything in your day, and you’ll end the day feeling much more fulfilled.

Morning, Noon, Evening

In my task Manager, Things, I created a new structure that I’m trying: Morning, Noon, Evening. When starting my day, I open up the Today view and drag things around in the order that I plan on doing them.

Knowing that I won’t do something until noon, or later this evening, gives me just enough structure to make this process more streamlined.

Instead of it being one long list of things I have to do today, I’m able to drag them in the order that they’re aimed for. And if I decide to push something to another day, it’ll show up again for that time of day, instead of in just a long list.

Doing this allows me to also include routines and all the smaller tasks that I would normally not put in the app, with fear of crowding things up. But now, it’s important to have it inside this structure, since it’s giving me a breakdown of what my entire day consists of.







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