Friday Recap (09/09/16)

Simon Stalenhags work is so inspiring.

To continue the theme of building some type of schedule for my site, I’m going to try something new: every Friday, I’ll do a recap of a variety of things: from that week’s posts, to events and moments in my life that I want to share.

Discussion list for this week:

Small Groups: Small groups is the theme for this week and even the week before that, and even the many weeks to come. I’m leading a few and going to even more. It’s cool to see how many people are teaming up to have a nightly hangout, different locations, different hobbies each night, but we’re all ending together doing really fun stuff (basketball, breakfast, guitars, coffee, writing, etc. — Creative Minds: Week 1 / Week 2).

Writing progress: I wrote about how much momentum I’m having right now with my site and my writing. I have this confidence now where I know I can do this. I’m not doubting myself anymore. I’ve built this structure on the site that gives me all these different boxes to fill, which allows me to have a purpose each day, on all the different topics to touch on. Very exciting.

Work Life: I’m in the process of rebuilding myself at AT&T. Finding new excitement and ways to come to work motivated. I take it for granted, but more importantly, I’d come to work with no energy, excitement, or purpose. I’ve been working on this a lot lately, changing the way I think about my job and my purpose with the company. Hoping for a breakthrough here.

iPhone Event: This week was the iPhone 7 event. And even more than the new iPhone, I’m more excited for the AirPods (which won’t be released until late October). A week from today though, I’ll be switching my current phone (iPhone 6s, Space Gray, 128gb) for the new phone (iPhone 7 Plus, Matte Black, 128gb).

Miscellaneous : I wrote about why I love Mr. Robot. I also wrote my longest review ever, discussing The Night Of. Phones are exploding. I wrote a letter to my younger self, which was very uncomfortable. Episode 1 of Atlanta, Donald Glover’s new FX series, is free to watch online. My friend Gilbert turned The Dark Knight Rises into a story about our struggle in life. The Minimalist did an 18-minute TED Talk on letting go of stuff.

Slow week.