The Partitions (Morning Coffee: November 28th, 2022)

Good Morning. at the Coffee Shop (Brought My Stanley to Keep the Coffee Hot). Writing About Some Physical Things: A Game Controller and Our New Closet. Let’s Begin.

The Box


I finished up God of War: Ragnarok this weekend. It took me 25 hours to complete the story. I started up the game November 9th all the way in Missouri, using the Backbone and Remote Play, and then chipped away at that story for the two weeks following. I consider the speed at which I finished this story impressive and worth sharing.

Other than an hour before bed a few nights a week, it was because of the Backbone and Remote Play that I finished so soon. Remote Play, fiber internet connected directly into the Playstation 5, and the Backbone controller turning my iPhone into a gaming system, is such an incredible experience.

The Partitions

When we bought this house, our bedroom didn’t have a closet. It was an empty room with no place to store our things. This gave us an opportunity to design something ourselves. We drew out what we wanted on a paper: wall to wall, no doors or drawers, completely open, staggered shelving system, vanity in the middle.

A year later, the structure is now complete, and each section is ready to be used. It’s made of oak, and from left to right, it covers the entire room’s distance.

In my section, I have everything separated into 5 areas.

  1. Very top: GoRuck bags, duffle bag, archived Field Notes
  2. Top left: jackets, dress shirts, hoodies
  3. Bottom left: hats, socks, shorts, pants, gym bag
  4. Top right: books, mic, camera, hygiene pouches
  5. Bottom right: t-shirts

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this little area of the house to be complete. It’s just a place to put my things, but I consider it the foundation. This is the place where my day starts and ends. It’s where I keep the essentials.

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We Bought a New Car. Going Live a Few Times a Week. Rose Turned One. Writing a Weekly Newsletter Every Monday Morning. Bought a Camera. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: December 17th, 2022.

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