span>Writing - I’ve been writing more than ever lately. I seem to have hit a stride where I know how I want to deliver each thought, and it’s all landing on my website. Instead of keeping it private, my site has become the place to throw all of my ideas at.* Reading - I started reading Stardust, getting a few pages in here-and-there, and hopefully tomorrow, I can read a large chunk of the book without any interruptions.* Sleep - Unfortunately, I went to sleep around 1-2 last night, and woke up at 6:30 this morning. My goal is to be asleep by 11, and be up for 5, and I’ll continue to try and achieve this daily.* Food - I did make groceries last night, and I ate sandwiches at home, which means I didn’t eat out like I normally do — and tonight I’ll be cooking. This is a win for my goals. Work provided lunch today, so another day of not spending on lunch. For dinner I started prepping a cheesy potato and spicy sausage casserole, but had to get a pan from Mom’s, arrived at her house to homemade enchiladas. I stuffed myself, and then adding the recipe to my new favorite cooking app, Paprika. Thanks to Mom’s good-cookin’, my meal that I was cooking will be used tomorrow.</