How this 28-year-old turned a website he built when he was 12 into a media empire

Julie Bort, writing for Business Insider:

Emerson Spartz is 28 years old today, married, a college grad, and CEO of Spartz Inc, a media empire of websites that publish funny, inspirational, and mind-blowing posts that people love to share.

His two most popular websites alone, and, launched just over a year ago, are read by 45 million people each month, he tells us.

And it all began when he was 12 years old. That was when he dropped out of grade school, taught himself to code, and created a Harry Potter fan site called Mugglenet that would become (and still is) the most popular Harry Potter fan website on the net.

My favorite part of this article is his thoughts on influence:

He quickly came to one conclusion: People who change the world tend to be extraordinary influential before they changed the world. Influence and impact were inextricably linked and the more influence you have, the more impact you could create.”

And this in turn, set in motion for me a lifelong fascination with influence. There was one type of influence in particular that really captured my imagination: virality. I thought, if you could make things go viral, that’s like having a human superpower. You could influence elections, you could overthrow dictators, you could start movements, you could revolutionize entire industries.”