3 Ways the iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner Could Fit Into Our World

quo;s imagine this fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone 5s to be more than a substitute for unlocking your phone. Let’s add some more crazy ideas to this concept:

  1. Credit Card Payments: Now that my iPhone has access and can confirm my identity, the phone can turn into my credit card, making it seamless to buy something. No more typing out my credit card or password, simply click buy, let it detect my fingerprint, and it’s purchased_._ That easy.
  2. Using the App Store: Let’s go a step further, your kid takes your phone, wants to buy a new game, hands it back to you, your fingerprint gets detected, the home button lights up, hand phone back to kid to enjoy the game.
  3. Multiple Accounts: Finally, Apple can add accounts to the operating system. Let’s say my girlfriend wants to use my phone for a few minutes, and without having to do anything different, she just grabs my phone, the home button detects that it’s her and lights up once the fingerprint is scanned, she’s then welcomed into her account, where her preference of apps are shown, and her bookmarks, and everything from her iCloud account, is setup just the way she wants it.

Just some ideas I thought of while waiting on the announcement. Each year, Apple has added a new way to make this phone part of my life, this year seems to be no different. 

Bonus content — here’s a few predictions from Mr. John Gruber:

  1. Last minute predictions: Announced: iPhone 5S and 5C. S is faster, better camera, fingerprint sensor. C has same specs as iPhone 5.
  2. Apple TV software update. Nice but nothing major. On campus Cupertino event signifies no huge announcements.
  3. Maybe new iPods? They did iPods at September event last year.
  4. Nothing iPad-related, including no iOS 7 yet. Today’s iOS 7 stuff will be iPhone (and iPod Touch) only. iPads and iPad iOS 7 in October.
  5. I’m guessing no Mac news today either, neither hardware nor Mavericks.

I’m Nash. I create things.