Reflecting on my birthday:

  • Health: Physically and mentally, this has been the most I’ve ever focused on health. A better diet, a constant exercise routine, daily meditating, two years with no alcohol, and weekly Cross Church services have collectively kept my health as sharp as ever. I still feel like I’m just getting started, though, and I’m excited about where I’m going.

  • Less: In each area of my life, there’s only a few things needed. Just the essentials in each category. The more I understand what those essentials are, the more my quality of life increases.

  • Important: I’ve gotten better at understanding what’s important and what’s not. A hierarchy. Not everything is significant, and not everything deserves the same amount of attention, energy and emotion.1

  • Control: I’ve learned to focus on what I can control, and find peace with what I can’t. Before, I would dwell on things that weren’t up to me. Now, I understand my limitations. I can’t do or fix everything, so that gives me a liberating feeling to put the right amount of energy towards the things I can control.

  • Change: I’ve learned to embrace the different seasons in life. New job, new interests, new relationships, and new obstacles—It’s all part of the growth for the following season. What protects us in the winter, hurts us in the summer, so don’t avoid the changes, just flow with them.

  1. Life is filled with scare-tactics, and if we’re not careful, something minor can seem severe, and something that’s insignificant can become a barrier in the way of the things we really want. This is an area of my life that continues to improve each year.↩︎

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