Today is day two of this journal method. Don’t overthink it. Just write. This isn’t meant to be the typical blog post. Just me starting my morning. The link address will simply be the date (6-17-17).

I’m trying the local breakfast cafe (Huddle House) near my house again. Have to be to work in 30 minutes. Coffee and two pancakes,” as I walk in and before I sit down. I’ll write this journal entry while waiting, and it’ll be public before I clock into work.

Today is day 4 of my new work schedule. I’m calling it the fourth quarter (4 work days, 3 off days). I’ll be off until Wednesday after I clock out today. The concept of four quarters has made me focus a lot better at work, and not slack off during any of the quarters. This four-quarter basketball concept is so me. It fits with the way I think. Hopefully I can keep this schedule for a long time. It’s not guaranteed though.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’m planning to take a three-hour trip and surprise my dad in the morning. That means I’ll miss church, and I’ll have to hurry back in time for small group at 5:30pm. I’m also undecided if I want to take my little brother to ride with me. I’m sure he’d enjoy the road-trip.

I recorded two songs last night. Didn’t lay down until midnight, and I don’t think I slept for more than an hour at a time once I did fall asleep. Not much rest, but knowing I’m off for three days will help me push through.