6 Things I’m Looking Forward To

on my way back from a spontaneous-three-day-vacation-to-Texas-to-visit-family, I decided to open up Drafts and put my time to good use. I haven’t written anything for my site in a while, so now seemed like a good time to make it happen.

Here’s a list of things coming up that has me excited:

  1. Family: my grandparents are down from Arkansas, on their once-a-year visit to Louisiana. Plus, Lindsey and I just got back from visiting family in Conroe, TX. As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about being around family — not just the ones I see daily, but the ones that live far away and could only be seen a few moments a year.

  2. New month of sales: my first two months of selling cars was a success. I’ve sold about 30 cars since June. I couldn’t be more excited about how well I’m doing, but I can’t get comfortable. My goal is step it up and do even more each month.

  3. Saints vs Falcons: After waiting forever for the Saints to return, the season is finally here, and it couldn’t have started with a better matchup: our rivaled Falcons.

  4. The new iPhone: On the 10th, just a week away, Apple will be unveiling the next iPhone. Between iOS 7 and a better camera (not counting the secrets that no one knows yet), my daily computer getting even more advanced. I’ve given up on debating which phones is better with those who love Android — If they enjoy their Galaxy, I’m happy for them — but when using the iPhone on a daily basis, I truly feel like I’m living in the future.

  5. Grand Theft Auto: does this topic need an explanation? The new Grand Theft Auto is coming out: a highly advanced version of car jacking and sky diving, with a real life city that is filled with … lets just say, if it wasn’t for my family, and my girlfriend, and my job, and my recording, and basketball, I’d just live in the game. Ok?

  6. NBA 2K14: another game—the only game I have to get every year—is about to come out, NBA 2K. Similar to how GTA gives me an authentic virtual world to play in, NBA 2K gives me an authentic court to play on. This is as close to real life basketball as you’re going to get. I only play online against random people around the world. Last year, my record, last time I checked, 320-103, only playing with Chris Paul and the Clippers — I look forward to more pick-and-roll ass kicking.

I’m Nash. I create things.