A Few Podcast Recommendations

I listen to so many podcast. It’s basically playing in my ear all day. My friend just asked for some podcast recommendations, so I figured I’d gather some of the best that I know to help her out.

Here’s the Kind She Was Looking For:

I love to learn about anything, but people and cultures are my favorite. inspirational, stories, Christian, health and wellness, etc.

As I was making this list, I recommended she download The Overcast app, which I consider the best way to experience podcasts.

Here’s a Few That Came to Mind:

  • The Watch
  • The Ground Up Show
  • Revisionist History
  • Dream Big Podcast
  • Hello Internet
  • The Minimalist Podcast
  • On Margins
  • The Porch
  • The Daily
  • GaryVee Audio Experience (explicit)
  • Encounter 1
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show
  • This American Life
  • Today, Explained

I could make a list much longer than this, but these match some of the criteria’s she was looking for.

  1. Harder to find because of the generic name. Here’s what it looks like.


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